#BrokeWithABaby Part 4: Paying Hospital Bills When You’re Broke

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Show Notes –


– Avoid the bills by asking for an itemized bill from the hospital and your doctor up front and by contacting your insurance to see what they cover. Reject everything that isn’t covered. Bring your own stuff to the hospital if you will save more.
– Pay some in advance.
– Payment plan (be diligent) – DO NOT let it go to collections!!! DO NOT give up!!!
– Applying for federal assistance – Medicaid, or assistance for paying medical bills
– Go to your local social services agency
– Stop hating on people because you couldn’t qualify for assistance. You don’t know what they went through or had to sacrifice, you don’t know their work ethic or their background. Plus it is humiliating enough to be in the system. Get over yourself. Help someone! Be grateful!

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