About Wildflowerina

Photo by Elizabeth Madaia Photography.

Are you a visionary mom and a “hot mess” mom at the same time? Do you have dreams that no secret Pinterest board could fathom, but you’re disorganized, unhealthy, broke, and/or burned-out? Is one of your biggest temptations to be a “safe mom” – less of a “hot mess,” but not living in your potential? 🙋🏾 I’ve been there, girl! I know what it’s like to struggle to have a well-maintained, healthy household while trying to make ends meet, and how easy it is to beat yourself up. I know what it’s like to feel like your purpose is so far off from where you are and hold onto your passions by a thread. And I’ve survived. Here at Wildflowerina, I provide practical, habit-changing tips through vlogs, podcasts, workshops, in-person events, community, coaching, natural products and more! I create with the “one-handed” busy mom in mind, who may be on her phone a lot during the day, looking for a nudge to cultivate the “dream life” for her family. My years of ministry experience gives me an edge in strategic planning, as well as a “pastor’s heart” to encourage and coach. I am a former pastor, pastor’s wife, mother, and entrepreneur who learned how to go from stressed-out to disciplined on a welfare budget. Also, I know Michael Jackson’s Thriller Dance by heart!